The biggest Mercedes-Benz sedan in 2015

Mercedes-Benz S600 is the biggest Mercedes-Benz sedan

You might wonder why the upcoming Mercedes S600 2015 is called the biggest sedan by Mercedes. Well, this is definitely due to its long wheel base, which is 206.5 inches. At the same time, no short wheel base option will be provided.

As for the rest, this car will definitely become the best one in the entire class and win the support of those who can afford buying it. Its standard features were substantially improved compared to previous models and it became one of the most comfortable and convenient models ever produced by the German automaker.


Various engines options are available for this model. For instance, you can order the car with the engine of eight cylinders, 5500 or 4700 cubic cm capacity and 577 or 449 hp respectively or the engine of twelve cylinders and 6000 cubic cm, making either 523 or 621 hp. The car’s overall dimensions are 206.5 for length, 74.8 for width and 58.8 for height. The car accelerates to the speed of 60 MPH for 5.2 seconds and its total weight is 5247 lb. It also has many interior conveniences, including a backup camera, electrochromic rearview mirror, trip computer, power steering, cruise control, heated mirrors and many others.


The biggest Mercedes-Benz sedan

The most important you have to know about the Mercedes S600 2015 are the matters of its safety, driving impressions as well as powertrains and performance of the new car. We will discuss these subjects in the following.

  • What can be safer than to drive a top-class car manufactured by the most renowned automaker ever existed? However, even in case of Mercedes-Benz various issues may occur. For example, recently we heard about some problems of leakage with its E-class autos. Taking into account that it was a serious blow to the reputation, we must expect new cars by Mercedes to be safer than ever. This assumption is supported by the fact that the new S600 has the updated Driving Assistance Plus, which provides more developed collision protection, accident avoidance and holistic safety systems.
  • Driving Impressions. Those lucky men who had a chance to drive the new Mercedes S600 2015 report to have the best impressions. All of them say that driving this car feels smoother and finer than ever. In addition, the car’s interior makes driving very comfortable because a driver has all he needs just in front of him.

Mercedes-Benz S600 specs

Powertrain and Performance. Various engine options provide slightly different performance although in each case it seems very powerful and superior to the competitors. Besides, the car is equipped with 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with seven speeds and the manual mode. No surprise that with 8V or 12V engines, making up to 621 hp, this car’s performance is topnotch.

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