Mercedes-Benz SUVs & Wagons 0-60 times

Mercedes-Benz cars are widely regarded as some of the most comfortable and prestigious vehicles on the market and rightly so. However, they can be practical and fast too. Here is a complete list of 2015 model year SUVs and wagons, produced by the famous German automaker and available in North America, with 0-60 mph acceleration times and power.

Our information gets updated on regular bases and all the latest models are instantly added to the list. There is a wide range of SUVs for every taste and bank account, including GLA-Class, GLK-Class, GLE-Class, GL-Class and brutal G-Class. There is also a huge E-Class Wagon for those who love classic European forms.

Please note that the information about 0-60 mph acceleration may range in different sources due to varying measuring conditions, having significant influence on the final result, such as road conditions, load, wind direction and more. strives to use the data provided by some of the influential and acclaimed sources to give you the most accurate figures. The information on power is provided by the Mercedez-Benz.

Mercedes SUVs & Wagons 0 to 60 mph times

 Mercedes SUV GLA-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 GLA250 4MATIC 208 horsepower
 2015 GLA45 AMG 4.8 seconds 355 horsepower

 Mercedes SUV GLK-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 GLK250 BlueTEC 7.8 seconds 200 horsepower
 2015 GLK350 6.5 seconds 302 horsepower

 Mercedes SUV ML-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 ML250 BlueTEC 8.9 seconds 200 horsepower
 2015 ML350 7.5 seconds 302 horsepower
 2015 ML400 6.0 seconds 329 horsepower
 2015 ML63 AMG 4.7 seconds 518 horsepower

 Mercedes SUV GL-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 GL350 BlueTEC 8.3 seconds 240 horsepower
 2015 GL450 4MATIC 6.6 seconds 362 horsepower
 2015 GL550 4MATIC 5.5 seconds 429 horsepower
 2015 GL63 AMG 4.8 seconds 550 horsepower

 Mercedes SUV G-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 G550 6.0 seconds 382 horsepower
 2015 G63 AMG 5.3 seconds 536 horsepower

 Mercedes Wagon E-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 E350 4MATIC 6.9 seconds 302 horsepower
 2015 E63 S AMG 4MATIC 3.6 seconds 577 horsepower


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