Changing the Oil on your Mercedes-Benz

Changing oil of your car is a very important procedure. Regular conduction of the procedure allows running a car well for a long time. This rule is applied to autos produced by all automakers, including of course Mercedes Benz. If you are an owner of the Mercedes Benz model, you have to change oil and filter of your vehicle on a regular basis. Don’t forget that when it comes to the change of oil it is also necessary to change the filter, which is usually clogged with contaminants.

Usually, the regularity of oil change depends heavily of different factors. The major among these factors are the type of vehicle you have and how you drive (your driving habits). These are very important factors, so in one case you may need to change oil once in three months and in another case once in two years. When it comes to the Mercedes Benz oil change, you have to do it once in a year or when you reach the driving record of 15,000 km with your car.

As for the procedure of oil change with the vehicles of this automaker, Mercedes Benz oil change is carried out in similar way as with any other vehicle. First, you have to drain oil. For this, it is needed to lift your car, heat it up for several minutes, and then remove your auto’s oil cap. Next, you should find oil pan and remove oil plug. After this, the used oil from your car will begin to leak. You have to wait until it fully leaks out of the auto.

Before adding new oil, don’t forget to replace the auto’s oil filter. For this, you have to locate the assembly of the old filter, unscrew it, and then screw the new filter. When done, you can add fresh oil. Do it through the fill hole. Check the manual to find out what amount of oil is needed. Make sure you measure oil in a proper way. After finishing adding oil, replace the fill cap. Then you have to start the engine and check if there are any drips or leaks under your auto. Also, don’t forget that the used oil of your vehicle should be disposed properly.