Mercedes is going to send the major part of cars to USA dealers

Mercedes-Benz U.S. chief executive officer Steve Cannon said that after experiencing tight supplies in 2014 the U.S. dealers will receive the major part of total output.

According to Cannon’s words European markets downturn and increased global production contribute to send much more Mercedes vehicles to the USA.

Cannon also noticed that the strong dollar position nowadays makes sales in the USA profitable.

The chief executive officer said: “So the flow of cars will increase. We’re confident that we’ll grow at least as fast as last year and probably faster.”

In comparison with 2013, in 2014 Mercedes sold by 7% more cars. In 2014 the brand sold 356 136 vehicles.

This decision was accepted by dealers positively. For example dealer Sharon Moss of Moss Motors in Lafayette, La., supported such increase. She said: “Very, very positive. In 2014 we sold out, as you know.”

Mercedes also occupied the top position on the J.D. Power and Associates Sales Satisfaction Index last year. Cannon told that such programs as brand immersion training and the leadership academy bring results which the dealers already see.

“They’re focused on not only increasing sales volume but on having the finest customer experience in the industry, and they’re giving us the tools to do that,” said the chairman of Park Place Dealerships in Dallas Ken Schnitzer. He believes that creating a premiere sales process is a key to Mercedes’ future.