List of Mercedes-Benz Concept Cars

Nowadays, technological development is quicker than ever. It concerns every sector of life, including automobile manufacture. The striking example of the technological development in the car industry is production of concept cars. While plenty automakers compete to present the most impressive concept car, our utmost attention must go to the top companies, one of them is Mercedes-Benz. In this article, we will analyze what concept cars from the Germans became most impressive and memorable in the recent years.

5. Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe

The most important details of this concept car are those concerning its look. Mercedes made an effort to make the new coupe concept as stylish as possible in order to draw attention of young people. Many its features derived from the cars of CLS-series which have the reputation of the most stylish series in the entire line by Benz. Interesting exterior details include sleeker headlamps, turn signal indicators with sequentially lighting row of lights and the hood having two bulges. On the car back there are rear corner lights of triangular form which are very similar to those that CLS cars have.


While the trim of the car consists of four elements, including leather, suede, carbon fiber, and metallic accentuations, a very important detail in terms of interior is the new COMAND infotainment system. The manufacturer has tried to make the car most appealing for youth, and for this reason this infotainment system and the control over it are very similar to smartphones. Besides, cloud computing was announced too.

The turbocharged engine of the car has the capacity of 2000 cubic cm, four cylinders and 208 hp. All-wheel-drive is considered as the basic version, while front-wheel-drive is expected to be optional.

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4. Mercedes SLV

This unique concept car should be definitely mentioned as it can be configured in different ways, which is a rare feature. You can vary its body styles from coupe to convertible, roadster or shooting brake. In this case, V in the SLV stands for the variability. SLV was planned to be made a successor of Mercedes SLS, so it shared many characteristics with it, including aluminum architecture of a space frame.


Similar engine features as for the SLS exist here too. The Mercedes SLV was expected to have M276 engine with the highest power of 408 hp. The car should have had an automatic transmission with nine speeds, which was much anticipated due to its fast response. The other variant announced was the high-performance car with 483 with the addition of 75 hp electric engine. Striving to make the car as light as possible, the Mercedes engineers were going to equip it with many parts of SLS, including a suspension. In addition, their motivation was to make it smaller.

Although it had been planned to produce the car by 2014, that year already passed and we see that no SLV was manufactured yet.

3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Concept

Luxury and modern – these are two words to describe this concept. The concept takes after several previous series produced by Mercedes, including CLA. For instance, the concept is featured by radiator cowl in a shape of three-dimensional diamond, which we have already seen before. The other familiar feature is LED headlamps though, unlike with the other cars, they have circular shape.

The car is rather long due to its hood, and its size is 198 inches. However, it is shorter in both height and length terms than the S-Class Sedan. Compared to other models, the auto’s license plate was moved slightly lower, to the lower section of the bumper, and it turns out to the additional detail that derived from SLS.


All the useful features inherent for the S-Class car are present within this concept car too. The Intelligent Drive system consisting of sensors, radar and cameras is installed within the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Concept. The audio system has the most progressive traits too, including the choice of music based on the driver’s mood. The car’s engine of eight cylinders was expected to make 449 and 561 Nm of torque, which is quite good.

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2. Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV MLC

Many years passed already since the production of the CLS Series by Mercedes-Benz. In the year 2014, the time came to present a new concept SUV car, which will become the competitor for many, including X6 by BMW.

The new MLC turns out to be more stylish than the ML is. Due to its size, which is longer than the ML by 5.2 inches and equals to 194.3 inches, the MLC definitely looks sportier and more like a coupe car. In addition, it is a little wider and shorter, providing more space for legs and arms but less headroom. However, such dimensions make the car’s overall look much better.

The MLC has the powerful engine that provides 329 hp and 354 Nm of torque while having the capacity of 3000 cubic cm and six cylinders. At the time of the announcement, MLC was expected to be the first one Mercedes car that would have this particular engine. Besides, the automaker announced to introduce a wide range of additional powertrains options, e.g. a turbodiesel and the engine with eight cylinders.

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1. Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Everyone would agree than any concept must be interesting in terms of appearance. When the reality is combined with something virtual it really means that such a situation worth attention. This is what the latest concept of Mercedes-Benz, AMG Vision Gran Turismo, is about. This car initially appeared in the video game Gran Turismo. Lately, the German automaker decided to create it in the reality.

In general, this car is a sports one, and that’s why its powertrain is impressive, especially when it comes to the engine, which is the AMG’s twin turbo with eight cylinders that produces 577 hp. The total weight of the car is only 3053lb and the car’s body is made of both aluminum and carbon fiber.


Unfortunately, the objective of this concept car is to reduplicate the one from the video game. While this particular task was completed successfully, no plans to carry out mass production of the car exist. However, we would probably see its magnificent features in the future models from Mercedes-Benz.

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