F 015 Luxury in Motion concept by Mercedes was presented at CES

People had been waiting to see the concept of an autonomous vehicle by Mercedes for a long time and it finally happened at 2015 CES.

The research vehicle was designed by Mercedes to show how the company wants to see its cars in 2030 and later. It is difficult to describe how this auto looks. The most noticeable and impressive feature are LED lights, designed to notify other road users whether the auto is driven by a human or automatically.

The wheel base and overhangs were made long and short respectively to clear as much space inside as possible. Four lounge chairs facing each other were installed. The automaker also strived to improve accessibility and for this reason made back doors similar to suicide doors.

The main about this car is how it interacts and communicates with passengers and the entire environment. According to what the delegates say, the car oversees what’s happening around and provides the passengers with the information.

Screens located at the sides and in the back part of the car display much useful info to passengers, including the current route, images, music, contacts and other. You can control these screens by touch control or gestures. The other opportunity provided is a simplified rendition showing what surrounds the car.

Radar, supersonic sensors and stereo cameras make it possible for the car to drive autonomously. Due to the usage of GPS system and 3D navigation maps, its position can be specified accurately.

In conclusion we can say that the presentation went well and now we know what would be the autonomous car from Mercedes in the future.

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