Electric Vehicle Platform is being developed by Mercedes

This new Ecoluxe platform of Mercedes-Benz stays in the early development stage but promises to become a basis for new electric autos.

Its modular design will allow using it as the basis for autos, providing wide variety of wheel bases and enabling saving of weight in order to balance the heavy weight of powerpack components. Currently, it is expected that the Ecoluxe will be able to function with four various styles of car bodies.

Ecoluxe based electric car will be able to supply power to their backward wheels and will have starring with four wheels in order to improve handling of the car. The report on the system also suggests the first model manufactured will be equal to either 544 or 604 hp power. S models are also envisaged.

The pack with a battery will lie under seats of the passengers. Its capacity would be sufficient for the 279 miles auto trip.

The first vehicle based on the Ecoluxe system can be released in 2019 or 2020. Initially, it will be a release only for Europe, but then the car can be also presented in one of the North American countries.