Mercedes-Benz Electric & Hybrid 0-60 times

Mercedes-Benz has always been one of the leaders in car manufacturing and has proudly pioneered many engineering innovations. The Stuttgart-based company introduced their first ever fully-electric vehicle as early as 1906, at the dawn of automobile era. Today, with the new global call for environmental solutions and fuel efficiency, Mercedes-Benz offers state-of-the-art vehicles that have little or no CO2 emissions. Here is the list of 2015 model year electric and hybrid cars by the German company available in the USA and their 0-60 mph acceleration and power specifications.

All-electric B-Class is a perfect fit for those who want to have an eco-friendly car and look for unmatched German quality and spacious interior. It can go up to 87 miles on one charge and provides a solid yet quiet pull. The ultimate luxury S-Class sedan is offered with a powerful hybrid powertrain and other plug-in hybrid models are coming up. will keep you updated and add the new models to the list.

Please note that the 0-60 mph acceleration times may vary depending on terrain, temperature, load, battery level and other factors. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate figures from established sources. Some information is released by the manufacturer.

Mercedes Electric & Hybrid 0 to 60 mph times

 Mercedes Sedan E-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 Mercedes E400 HYBRID 6.7 seconds 302/27 horsepower

 Mercedes B-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive 7.9 seconds 177 horsepower


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