Mercedes-Benz CLA 0-60 times

For over a hundred years people who visit then Daimler and now Mercedes-Benz showrooms look for more than just a vehicle. They look for something that would reflect their status and wealth. Something inherited in the company’s slogan ‘The best or nothing’. And the German manufacturer has always cherished their customers with posh and stylish cars. But what is there in the car world to highlight the taste and the sound bank account of the owner better than an elegant and powerful coupe by Mercedes-Benz? Still, it does not necessarily need to be too expensive as the company introduced their entry-level CLA-Class coupe in 2013. Based on compact A-Class and B-Class platform, CLA-Class is priced well below C-Class sedan which all but guarantees commercial success with over 100,000 units sold in the first year of production. In the North American market the coupe is offered with two 2.0L turbocharged engines, the basic 208 hp version and the mighty AMG powerplant, providing over 300 hp. will keep you updated should Mercedes-Benz introduce any changes to the lineup. The European customers have already received the stylish CLA-Class Shooting Break body which makes the car more practical.

Power and acceleration specifications were presented by the manufacturer, while the real life characteristics may vary depending on many factors.

Mercedes CLA-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 Mercedes Sedan CLA-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 CLA250 6.9 seconds 208 horsepower
 2015 CLA45 AMG 4.4 seconds 355 horsepower

 Mercedes Coupes CLA-Class 0 to 60 mph times

 2015 CLA250 coupe 6.9 seconds 208 horsepower
 2015 CLA45 AMG coupe 4.4 seconds 355 horsepower


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