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The Choice of One's Car: Like a Kid on Christmas

Let’s face it. As consumers, we’re presented with an overwhelming number of choices on a daily basis for every basic human need. Which toothpaste? Which cereal? Brown shoes or black? BBQ or Mexican for lunch? Most of these choices present little consequence in the grand scheme of things, posing very little risk and only a fleeting reward. However, some of the choices we as consumers face stand to greatly impact our lives. Such is the choice of one’s more

February 2014 Employees of the Month

I like to think my coaching instills ambition and that my team members hang on my every pearl of wisdom (OK, so I’m a little idealistic). But I’ve learned by now that the only surefire way to motivate people is with the lure of food. Free food. read more

Congrats Ryon Remmers - 2013 Tech of the Year

Four years ago today, a beat-up ride rolled into the parking lot here at ARod MB and out stepped a very young man who introduced himself as Ryon. He was here to apply for the porter position. read more

January 2014 Employees of the Month

From now on, I’m going to have to ask all my peeps to get married, have babies or buy a new car – you heard me – for the sake of performance. And you can blame Jose Rojas (Technician), Juhree Barnett (Sales Consultant) and Richard Martinez (Service Advisor) for starting the trend!read more

2013 in the Rearview Mirror

WARNING: the following may contain excessive introspection, excitement, and more

December 2013 Employees of the Month

No doubt December’s winners are starting the New Year off with smiles on their faces! Let’s welcome three veteran winners this month, Derrick Sabatier (Sales Consultant), Aureo Duarte (Technician) and Anthony Gagliano (Service Advisor). read more

What I learned from Isabella's Journey

I recently had a very humbling experience while visiting the Tulip Project, part of Project Joy and Hope’s ongoing effort to assist children with life-threatening more

November 2013 Employees of the Month

What really fires me up about the Employees of the Month awards is getting to see the competitive spirit within the team. Their will to win, satisfy the client and continually strive to be the best of the best is an inspiring thing to behold month in and month out, and this month is no exception. Stepping into the winners’ circle, please welcome Sales Consultant Juhree Barnett, Service Advisor Anthony Gagliano, and Technician Oscar Lester! read more

Let Us Give Thanks!

If you know me in the business or personal sphere, you know I can shed a tear at the drop of a hat. So on a holiday where I’m allowed to indulgently reflect on all the wonderful people in my life, naturally, I’m a more

October 2013 Employees of the Month

Ladies and Gents, I introduce to you October’s finest! Two of these guys must be sick to death of hearing their names, but hey, I gotta call out good work when I see it. Here’s to Sales Consultant Derrick Sabatier, Technician Chris Griffiths and Service Advisor Anthony Gagliano for being at the top of their game this more

The Ultimate Car-Buying Experience

For most people, the idea of buying a car is almost as uncomfortable as, say, getting a root more

September 2013 Employees of the Month

Make way for September’s Employees of the Month, three repeat champions! That’s right. Derrick Sabatier (Sales Advisor), Anthony Gagliano (Service Advisor) and Aureo Duarte (Technician) are no strangers to their names in lights (you know what I mean).read more

Money Mayweather – TBE [The Best Ever]

A few weeks back, boxing fans the world over tuned in to watch Floyd “Money” Mayweather take on Canelo Alvarez for the WBC and WBA super welterweight titles. read more

Christmas Comes Early in Germany

Frohe Weihnachten, everyone! OK, so it’s not the officially sanctioned holiday season just yet, neither here nor in Germany, but this time of year is as good as it gets for car junkies. read more

August 2013 Employees of the Month

This month’s top honors go to (drum roll please) – Sales Advisor Moses Alvarado, Service Advisor Richard Martinez and Technician Jose Rojas. Congratulations, boys, the view’s not bad from up there, is it?read more

Swallow Your Pride, Open Your Mind

Courage. Humility. Fortitude. The attributes of a great leader go on and on and on. But I’ve recently discovered another quality that I believe trumps them all in making a true leader – the ability to be self-reflective, if not self-critical. read more

Big Brother GLA is coming!

Ladies and gentlemen (ahem, young gals and guys, too!), Mercedes-Benz has officially announced the addition of the all-new 2015 GLA-Class to its fleet – or as I like to call it, the brother to the CLA. read more

July 2013 Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Ed Kurdi (Sales Advisor), Anthony Gagliano (Service Advisor) and Jose Arista (Technician), our July Employees of the Month! read more

I was never much good at goodbye.

As Geoffrey Chaucer once said, “All good things must come to an end.” In our business, it’s more like, “Ride that thoroughbred ‘til she quits on you!” However you say it, the ending is no more


I reckon this past Fourth of July was not unlike others for most. Everyone took to the lawn chairs, fired up the grills and watched a spectacular firework show and we all celebrated our thankfulness for America’s independence. read more

June 2013 Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Mendel Cheng (Sales Advisor), Anthony Gagliano (Service Advisor) and Justin Taylor (Technician), our June Employees of the Month!read more

Inbee Park: The Rock

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Played with the kids, finished a few “honey do’s” for Momma. But you know me, the multi-tasker (I didn’t say an efficient one). I had the TV on in the background watching the ladies final round of the US Open. But over the course of the afternoon, what started as background noise turned very more

The Job: Love it or Hate it? Love me or Hate me?

Hopefully you’re lucky enough to have one, a job that is! After all, a staggering 11 million people in the US are unemployed right now, and another 10 million are “underemployed.” That’s right – 21 million people struggling to get by. But unless you live under a rock, you already know this, and sadly, you may already be living more

The Gen Y Guy

My recent birthday got me thinking about Generation Y (aka Gen Y). It’s a buzzword these days. What is Gen Y? Who are they? Why do we care? read more