Client Raves

At your service.  It's not a slogan or a catchphrase. It's our mantra, our pursuit, our purpose.  We believe our clients deserve the finest customer service experience we can offer.  No exception.  That's why we're specially honored when our clients take time to let use know about the positive experiences they've had with us. 

"I'm very pleased to have purchased my first Mercedes-Benz car with the help of Ed Kurdi. It was an experience for me, my sister (Rosemarie) and my daughter (Ingrid). The car is a graduation gift for Ingrid. From the very beginning of our conversation with Ed, I felt comfortable and knew this was the right place to buy the car. We felt important and welcomed. Ed spared his time and patience explaining about the car despite of the limited time available. He is exceptionally polite and very professional. No pressure. No extra words to convince us to buy the car. He laid out the facts and provided us information in order to help us decide what was right. We were treated with respect. And Ed treated my daughter as if he was giving the car to his own daughter. His words of wisdom were priceless, like a father whose words are worth remembering. Ed is an exemplary employee, and I hope this memorable experience will not be the last."
~ARod Sales Client
"The team that Garrick Hatfield has put together including Jason Briggs and his department (Ted Plunkett) is off-the-charts professional. These guys went over and above to help my family, especially my wife feel like the dealership was built for her. We couldn't have had a better experience than we had at AROD Mercedes. The best way to describe the team there is, professional, service-oriented, respectful and willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel happy and excited that you are leaving in a Mercedes Benz. Ed [Kurdi] and Denise {Edwards] finished working with my wife showing her all the features of her new 350 ML. UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE!!!! Would I go back and buy another car from this All-Star Team? Absolutely. They are the best."
~Gus Pasquini, ARod Sales Client
"I`m glad my wife and I bought our Mercedes-Benz from ALEX RODRIGUEZ. We are also glad that Alex Rodriguez has ANTHONY GAGLIANO as their Service Advisor. When we bring in our Mercedes, Anthony is always professional and courteous. He treats our vehicle as his own, from drive in to drive out. He makes sure we are satisfied with the service. This type of customer service makes me want to buy ALL my cars from Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz. I`m also very pleased with the work done by JEFF GUEST. He takes time to talk to us, explain what he did and what the vehicle may need in the future. I'm sure all of your service techs are this considerate but I would like to make sure Mr. Guest is my tech when I bring my car in."
~ARod Service Client
"I had to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate the service I receive from Anthony. It is well above any dealer I have ever worked with, and I do a lot of work with many dealerships of all makes and models. I ran out of gas today about a half mile from your dealership, so I called you for help. As it turned out the road assistance truck was unavailable. But instead of telling me I would need to wait, Anthony personally brought me gas, in the pouring rain and in a very dangerous area. I was able to get going and on my way without incident or harm. I have been working on bids to purchase three new 2014 Sprinters from different areas and dealers, and I can tell you that when I order these Sprinters from Kristin at your dealership early next year, a major part of my decision to purchase from your dealership will be because of the service I have always receive from Anthony Gagliano. He is an outstanding service administrator. Thank you."
~Mike Menard, owner/president of M&R Fleet Services
"My car has been worked on and should be returned to me shortly. I am writing to thank you for your help with getting this done. I really appreciate your making the time to assign Blake Hartwell as my new service advisor. I was extremely happy with the way he handled all the issues with my car, and the way he explained them to me without seeming annoyed because I was asking for more clarification. It didn't seem to matter that I asked more than one time about the same thing and the price. He was very professional, patient and very helpful which is what I’m looking for at all times. We will be looking for another car for me in the very near future and I ‘m planning on buying with you all this time. Again, let me say thanks for all of your help. "
~ARod Service Client
"The service I experienced when my S-Class died was truly exceptional. It is the best service I have ever experienced anywhere, anytime. I own a financial services company with 26 employees and will be using my service experience with Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz as a teaching example of how it should be done at our next staff meeting. All the people who I dealt with that day were all exceptional. From the 24-hour emergency service technician on the phone, to the emergency response SUV that showed up quicker than promised, to Kyle Hiller, the emergency response person who arranged the wrecker (which showed up quicker than promised too), as well as the loaner car(with no reservation), to the lady who called about the loaner car and kept me posted as to when it would show up, to the guy driving the loaner car who picked me up, to my service tech Patrick [Williams], who called to let me know my car showed up and then called early the next morning to tell me what was wrong with the car and when it would be ready. These people were great. They are an asset to your dealership."
~John Payne, Service Client
"The service I received at Alex Rodriguez was exemplary as usual. It is such a pleasure to do business with such a professional &honest organization. My husband & I never worry when I take my ML350 in for service that I will be taken advantage of. Thank you for providing both of us with this peace of mind! My service provider Anthony Gagliano is very professional, service-oriented, respectful, friendly & kind. As a retired teacher, I appreciate the time he spends with me explaining the services that have been performed on my vehicle. In addition, I appreciate the card the certified technician leaves in my vehicle. It is nice to put a face with the technician who has worked on my vehicle. My technician was Ryon Remmers. An area of service I also want to compliments the valet when I arrive & depart. It is nice to be greeted when you drive in to have your vehicle serviced & to have it ready to go when you leave. I would also like to compliment Cindy who greets everyone in the customer service lounge waiting area. She is so friendly, sweet &helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with Alex Rodriguez. Thank you."
~Rebecca Jamison, Service Client
"When I was purchasing both my Sprinters at Alex Rodriguez, everyone I came across was very courteous, not rushing me to make a decision and willing to answer any questions I had. Keep up the world class experience to everyone who walks into the dealership! I thank everyone there for the outstanding service you are providing your customers. Also I take this opportunity to thank my sales representative Ms. Kristin Bay for her time and sincerity through my purchase. Kristin is a great asset to Alex Rodriguez because of her hard work and sincerity. This was my promise to her after I bought my first Sprinter: "When I am ready to buy the next Sprinter I will be back to Alex Rodriguez." And I bought the second Sprinter, and when l am ready to buy the next one, I will be back to Alex Rodriguez. It is all because of your world class exceptional service to us. Thank you again to everyone at Alex Rodriguez. "
~T. Thomas, Sales Client
"My car was down, and I thought it was the battery. I called Roadside Assistance, and when Fred arrived, he figured out it was the key. He waited with me until someone got there to bring my car back to the dealership. Fred was an awesome person and I really appreciated that he waited with me. It made the wait much easier. Fred is a great employee and representative of your dealership."
~R. Reynaga, Service Client
"Just recently, a little after closing time, a client was on his way home with his 2007 S550 Sedan. Unfortunately, the car would not start! I hurried over to the service department and found Jeff Guest and Kyle Hiller on their way out. Without hesitation, Jeff offered to check out the car. Kyle helped push the car into the shop, where Jeff diagnosed the problem as a loose crank sensor, and quickly got the problem rectified. They also test drove the car to make sure it was working properly. The end result was a happy client. Many kudos to the service department for saving the situation, even after hours!"
~Mendel Cheng, Sales Consultant
"I’m glad Juan was on the service drive when a lady pulled up needing assistance closing the ashtray in her Smart Car. He showed her to the lounge got her a refreshment while he tried to figure out the problem. In a very short time he had her problem solved so she did not have to go to a Smart dealership. All he saw was someone in need of help and he jumped in. Juan is all about customer service! He is an asset to our TEAM."
~Kathy Shotwell, Service Warranties
"Truly an outstanding experience! The drive-in service was THERE upon my arrival, with Anthony waiting with his pad to do the "walk around". Of course without Cindy in the waiting area, my stay would not have been complete! She makes the dealership feel like home! Anthony did an outstanding job of following my service needs, identifying and explaining the problem, as well as alternative courses of action. He is one outstanding individual and more than a keeper in my books. He makes the whole service experience enjoyable!"
~ARod Service Client, Houston, TX
"Natasha Fivestarchic White posted on our Facebook timeline: "My car is getting serviced as we my driveway! NOW THAT'S CLASSY! THANKS, ALEX RODRIGUEZ MERCEDES-BENZ! Your tech Abner Lesage is very professional and his personality is the BEST.""
~ARod SOS Client
"Service Technician Jeff Guest demonstrates a strong commitment to his job, our team, and the entire dealership. His team member Ross Shipley mentions a specific incident that warrants this rave: "Our service door had been stuck open all day and would not close. Jeff volunteered to stay until the repair people came to fix it. He stayed until 9 pm – long after his work hours – and made sure door was repaired before he left." We recognize and thank Jeff for his willingness to go above and beyond his duties and truly caring about our entire organization."
~ARod Team
"This is still the best dealership in the world. They treat you like a king from the beginning till the end. As always, Anthony Gagliano takes care of me even when he is very busy. He is a trustworthy competent advisor who knows exactly what I expect and always exceeds my expectations (I don't know how!). "
~Gus Kallo, Houston
"First of all, thank you so very much for your assistance in the purchase my new C-Class. I absolutely it! The whole team at Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz is amazing! We visited a couple of Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the Northwest side of town and the experience with you and your team was incredible. You are an hour from our home and I would travel again to make a purchase from you and your team.

Ed Kurdi has a great personality and is very detailed oriented. Ed was very patient with me as I had a hundreds of questions. By the time we left with my new car, I felt very comfortable with all the controls of the vehicle. The whole team, from the time we walked in the door to when we left, made us feel like we were the most important customers there. My husband and I have never experienced such a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere in a dealership."
~ARod Sales Client
"I just wanted to brag about our make-ready guys, especially Alex. Yesterday, he was the only one here, since Ricardo was out, and while we had a really busy day, we never had to wait on a vehicle to be washed. He did an awesome job, and as busy as he was, he never complained and got the job done!

And thank you also to Rene who stepped up and helped out a lot with washes yesterday afternoon. Awesome guys!"
~ARod Employee
"If it ain't broke...don't fix it."

"Truer words were never spoken, this dealership is the closest to perfection I have ever seen, and this is not a word I use loosely or often.

The lady in the lounge area is a wonderful addition, I commend whoever thought of creating that position. My compliments to whoever hired her.

As long as I am in Texas, my business is yours."
~S.S., Houston, TX
"I needed the auxiliary battery installed on my vehicle and stopped by your service department. Cindy in the customer lounge area was very pleasant and accommodating. When one of the employees from the parts department and I went out to my car, it was very hot/humid. And when I came back inside, she met me in the hall with a bottle of water. Then she gave me a cold towel to wipe my face/hands and then a warm one. She then made me a smoothie which was great. I think she went above and beyond her duties and is to be commended. She was very nice and caring. Please pass along my thanks again to her."
~S.M., Houston, TX
"I wanted to share my thanks and appreciation for two of your employees: Richard Martinez and Jason Briggs.

My wife and I have NEVER been treated as kindly as your service team did this past Saturday afternoon.

After I had an accidental spill over my Mercedes' center console that got the rear climate controls wet, the vehicle's heater was stuck 'on' and on full blast!! Your team recognized that we were in a bind and that we could not be without our vehicle waiting for a replacement par. So they immediately took our car in and quickly dried/cleaned-out the connections which restored normal operation to the climate controls. They did all of this for us at NO CHARGE!!!

I'll repeat I have never had such a pleasant experience at a car dealership, NEVER!! Your employees make a difference. Rest assured, as long as employees like Jason & Richard are at Alex Rodriguez MB, your service department will be the only one that works on my Mercedes!!!"
~R.D., Houston, TX
"One word..."WOW!" I called in to schedule my B service and initially had a difficult time finding an opening on the service department's calendar that would fit my calendar. After two or three attempts the young lady on the phone suggested your mobile service. I vaguely had remembered speaking of this service when I bought the vehicle so I accepted. She was quick to find a time that worked and easily scheduled my appointment.

The service technician showed up on time (in Houston) and was EXTREMELY polite and accommodating. I have never worked with a technician that had such a great "car side" manner. It was a great experience and far exceeded my expectations. I have shared this story with a half dozen people over the last 3 made that kind of impact. GREAT JOB and keep up the good work! "
~ARod Service Client
"My husband and I always feel very comfortable having my ML350 serviced at Alex Rodriguez. It is very apparent that all employees enjoy working here. They are all very professional, pleasant and respectful, from the valet, the lady in the customer waiting area, our service consultant Anthony, to the cashier. You should be commended for fostering such a positive working environment for your employees. Happy employees have happy customers. And Alex Rodriguez has created a wonderful environment for both employees and customers. You should be congratulated for "figuring it out." Just thought I would share my observation, as a soon-to-be-retired teacher of 30 years that appreciates your respect and exemplary service."
~ARod Service Client
"Rob deserves to be acknowledged for his great customer service and outstanding personality. He transported me to Enterprise Car Rental, and after we arrived, I asked him to please wait with me. Enterprise was slow because their computers were down and they had a few people before me. Rob not only waited for me reassuring me it was not a problem but he was very personable to the employees and other customers waiting there. He was full of smiles the entire time. He is great, with his customer service and great personality. I hope he goes far with Alex Rodriguez because he definitely is good to his customers. Thank you for sending him as my driver today!"
~ARod SOS Client
"Year after year, Mendel continues to provide impressive customer service to each and every one of his clients, even as far back as clients he's had over 20 years! His attention to detail, and professional yet personal dedication to his clients' needs have gained him a loyal following. We commend Mendel on a job well done and recognize him to be a true client-focused team member. A recent rave from an ARod MB client, said "You are like clockwork on the birthday. Very impressive and I thank you for the call."
~ARod Sales Client
"A week ago my wife and I dropped by your dealership to look at some cars. When we arrived we were greeted by Ed Kurdi who was very helpful and, a pleasant surprise, not pushy like most dealership salespeople. He showed us a few cars and then ran across a 2009 E350. I absolutely loved the vehicle but I let things go and told Mr. Kurdi that I would check back later in 2012. Little did I know my wife continued to work with Mr. Kurdi in order to surprise me with an early Christmas present. We did have a trade-in, which to my surprise, we (I mean my wife) was able to get top dollar for the vehicle which led to the exact price we were looking for monthly. I was shocked that your team and Mr. Kurdi were able to do this for me and help my wife surprise me with my FIRST Mercedes-Benz and the first car I have ever received at Christmas. Mr. Kurdi worked with my wife under a time crunch to get the vehicle home in time to surprise me as I returned from the gym this morning. You have an outstanding team in Lucy, Ed and the finance team. I never had to really set foot in the dealership but was able to get what I wanted at the price I wanted. Thank you again, you have made a new long-term customer happy."
~ARod Sales Client
"One primary reason I no longer drive VW is personnel. I'd rather take my hard earned dollar and invest in a company that at least takes the time to know how the customer feels. Thank you. I commend you, despite a few little things that were not in order when I received my car. Anthony is one of the best services advisors I've had the pleasure to work with. Keep up the good job Anthony!"
~ARod Service Client
"I want to bring your attention to the exceptional service I received from Juan. He was prompt, pleasant, professional and all the other really nice adjectives that go with exceptional service. Service like his is the key to winning and retaining customers. While I have always used your SOS process and have always been satisfied, this service experience was a stand-out."
~ARod SOS Client
"You and your staff are the best!! Thank you so much for servicing my car despite the fact that I didn't purchase it there. You have totally restored my faith and pride in the MB brand. I am so favorably impressed with your overall business model (including SOS & flatbed transport) along with everyone that worked with me. They were all professional and knowledgeable and pleasant to interact with. Please extend my thanks to Nikki, Abner, Jason B, Anthony G, Ted, Tim B; as well as the flatbed drivers, Woody and Jason. This is my first MB. My last car was a Lexus, and I didn't think any brand could top their service and general pleasant experience of car buying/maintenance. To my dismay, my MB purchase experience (at the dealership closer to me) as well as the initial follow-up visit for an adjustment was both disappointing and frustrating. I truly felt that I had made a big mistake by purchasing an MB. But, thanks to you and your team- I'm happy to say that I'm now excited to be driving my new car, and I'm glad that it's an MB! "
~D.M, Houston, TX
"Alex Rodriguez’s All Star Club airport transportation provides an excellent no cost benefit to all members of the club. I have used this service several times and the drivers are always on time and professional. The cars are in good condition and clean, more than I can say for several of the limo companies in Houston. The best part of this All Star Club perk is the concierge scheduling service. Simple email the flight information and they take care of everything else making this the easy car service I have every used. I cannot say enough about the All Star Team and their attention to detail."
~Jason L. Frazer, Houston TX