2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 4MATIC Sedan

Mercedes-Benz C400 4MATIC Sedan gets 10 out of then when it comes to performance, safety and reliability data.

This is a perfect representative of C-Class with renewed and more elegant interior and other features which let it take leading positions among other competitors of this segment. The price starts from $37 000 providing with a descent set of features. However you will also benefit from various optional packages. However the main advantage of the car is nice and smooth driving in combination with boosting accelerating and powerful engine. In other words new C400 4MATIC Sedan will certainly meet your expectations and demands, especially if you are searching for an affordable car which relates to luxury autos class.

Price in Houston

Basic modification price start from $37 000 while MRP version will cost you $48 590. However you do not have to overpay for options that you will never use. That is why you can choose the most appropriate optional variant among different available packages which include lighting package for $800 with LED tail and headlamps, curve illumination and adaptive Highbeam assist. All techs come with special multimedia package which will cost you additional $2 690. Despite the fact that standard modification is equipped with Burmester Premium Surround Sound System, heated seats and SiriusXM radio, you may also require something more. That is why multimedia package certainly worth paying attention.

You will get a reverse camera along with special hardware for COMMAND and voice recognition system. In addition package also includes 8.4-inch LVD display for handling with the menu and all available options and 10GB music register. Driver Assistant package is a must for those who have a great value of safety precautions. The price of the full set of features is $2 800. The last but not the least is interior package for $2 300. New C400 can boast elegant and luxurious interior. However you may also find seats ventilation, front door sill illumination and LED ambient light rather stylish. Such features represent high class of car’s owner as well as unique taste and style.



Here is the list of major specifications of the new model:


Fuel consumption is as follows:

  • 21 city;
  • 29 highway.


We decided to start our review from the very beginning. Producers seem to have brilliant idea to return to simple and at the same time elegant style which has always been a signature of all representatives of C-Class. New C400 is not an exception. It looks rather smart. There are no useless details and elements. Body looks balanced and combined. Unadorned side flanks make the outer look of the cat stylish and at the same time aggressive and muscular, so called restrained simplicity.

Now close your eyes for a couple of seconds and imagine the most luxurious cabin you have ever wanted. You can open your eyes and get inside the C400. Do you see any differences between interior that you have just imagined and this cabin? In order not to underestimate all benefits of this cabin we will call is the nicest one among all other C-Class representatives. There is enough space for both rows of seats. All details and elements are on their places. Needless to say, only high quality materials were used to provide driver and passengers with maximum comfort.


Speaking about motor and performance, C400 has plenty of benefits and power to offer every driver no matter what his expectations are. V-g biturbo 3-loter engine is hiding under the bonnet of new model making it easy to accelerate up to 60 mph limit in 5.2 seconds. 7-speed automatic transmission also shows smart and smooth shifting even when the power is close to its limits. Some people may say that V6 does not match this car’s elegance. However they must have forgotten that C400 belongs to luxury cars and calls for power and great performance on the highway. Otherwise there is no need in all those packages and sets of additional options which you will certainly be ready to pay for. Though, engine can sound a bit offensive closer to its limits. Airmatic suspension will turn out to be a great advantage especially in combination with supportive seats which have nothing in common with aggressiveness. In other words you will be smoothly floating over the road but never feel drowsy or bored with driving this car. Brakes are excellent. They are able to slow down your auto at any moment very safe and predictable. All these features make C400 4MATICA rather mature and at the same time modern car. You will certainly appreciate such balance.


There vare several rather important advantages, First of all, new C-Class model is comparatively affordable with starting price $37 000. At the same time basic modification has still something to offer if you are not ready to purchase additional package. Nevertheless, optional features let you choose premium kit that will satisfy all your demands and requirements. You do not have to pay the whole $48 590 for MRP version. Interior is another great benefit along with the outer look of the auto’s body. The cabin may turn out to be the smartest and most luxurious you have ever seen in C-Class. Moreover passengers are provided with more space no matter if they are sitting on the front or rare sits.

What’s new?

Producers decided to make restyling of new C400. They made it look smarter and muscular at the same time. It is more elegant and stylish in comparison with previous versions. Some people may not like new V6 engine saying that it does not match elegance of C400. However it still provides all drivers with enough power and smooth riding in combination with improved suspension. And once again we return to roomy and luxurious interior with additional elements which you will not find in previous models.



You can try search for any drawbacks in C400 if you need. But this is going to be only a waste of time. Even basic modification offers lots of features that can satisfy the most demanding driver. Hig level performance forms a perfect due with elegant and luxurious interior making C-Class even more attractive and cheeky. See also Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC.

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