2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sedan

The main and the most important advantage of new C300 is the fact that it is still Mercedes-Benz. It would be wrong to say that previous model was not Benz considering at least that it was produced on Benz factory and wears appropriate logo. On the other hand new C300 4MATIC Sedan is a true masterpiece which can’t be compared with any of previous C-class models. In a few minutes you will find out why. It should also be noted that permanent competition with Audi and BMW in different segments made it possible for Mercedes engineers bring their product to a new level. And it is very unlikely that closest competitors are able to reach this level at least this year. Let’s get is started.

Price in the USA

The starting price of Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sedan is $41 325. If you want additional topping and features, you should be prepared to pay $56 820 for the full set of “spur creams” that will make this premium class auto even more luxurious. So what are additional options to choose for extra $15 495. First of all, you may add the full set of driving assistance kit which is featured by Distronic Plus and additional assist for steering wheel. This set also includes pedestrian recognition system along with pre-safe break control. This package costs $2 800.

Speaking about techs, you can pay extra $2 690 for full multimedia package. It includes not only 8.9-inch LCD display but also voice recognition and command system which has integrated navigation that comes with updated 3D city profiles and maps. This package goes with audio/video system, CD/DVD changer, 3-years’ service weather forecast system, Sirius radio with satellite connection and review camera. The list of multimedia features is not full.

There are also several pleasant additions for such price. We have finally reached performance packages. As you have already understood, C300 4MATIC Sedan is not only about comfort and innovative technologies inside the cabin. Additional sport package will provide you with sport suspension, front brakes, exclusive body styling, sport steering wheel and many other accessories which will turn your auto into a blistering lightening on the road. All you need is to pay extra $2 175. You can also add heated frons etas as well as 19-inch AMG wheels which are followed by special tires for maximum performance.



Fuel consumption is as follows:

  • 24 city;
  • 31 highway.


Finally C300 comes with a comfortable cabin. This is not surprising as this model belongs to a luxury auto class. 4MATIC version will also have modification with adjustable air springs. Steel suspension is very well-calibrated which is a great plus making it possible for the car to perform smooth driving on the highway. Though steering can seem a bit weighty, it reacts immediately on all your commands. This fact makes new model perfect for both accurate and calm driving in the city as well as performing maximum powers which are close to the limits. Back-road runs are very smooth and do no cause any inconveniences for the driver. The same thing is with brakes. They do not call any attention as they will never fail to bring descent stopping whenever needed. New C300 has bigger seizes in comparison with its predecessor. New car is longer and wider. At the same time it weighs less with the previous version of Mercedes-Benz C300 due to special aluminum mixture which has been used for the body. As a result new Benz is 200 pounds lighter.

You will find powerful turbocharged 2-liter direct injection engine which lets this car reach the 60 mph limit in 6.2 seconds. Motor with 241 HP and 273 lb-ft of torque is a perfect choice for new 4MATIC sedan. The car does not whine a lot in order to show all its potential which is hidden under the bonnet. Speaking about 7-speed automatic transmission, it never fails to shift the right gear. At the same time engagement is rather fast and accurate. Those who take care of the environment and clean air will be able to take the advantage of new hybrid version which is supposed to be available within a year. Diesel version is also believed to be on stock in the nearest future as well as AMG modification.

Now let’s get inside the cabin. If we speak of telematics setup and multimedia equipment, everything is on very high level in new representative of C-class. Here you will find pad which makes it easy to right commands using your finger and writing necessary letters. Most of you are already familiar with voice command and recognitions system. It is also available in C300 4MATIC sedan as well. You can also skip the menu as well as zoom map profiles in your navigation system. Interface is user-friendly and intuitive which is also a big advantage. Basic modification comes with dual zone climate control. In addition Bluetooth and USB connection is also available for starting price. By the way, all connection ports are supported by Android and iOS smartphones and other devices. Package of driver assistance includes drowsiness control, attention assist and collisions warning. Moreover special collision prevention system will proceed with automatic brake in case of necessity. This function is enabled when the speed is over 123 mph.



To be honest, we can speak about advantages for hours due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sedan us much better not only in comparison with its main competitors, but also in comparison with the previous C-class. Driving has become smoother, cabin is more spacious and comfortable, engine fits this mode perfectly considering the fact that there are also Sport and Sport+ modifications equipped with sport suspension, steering and sport brakes. At the same time the price is not as high as we all could expect. Moreover basic modification provides you with all necessary facilities unless you are eager to blister on the road.

Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sedan

What’s new?

The first thing that comes to mind when we speak of main advantages of the new C300 is the cabin. This time producers paid a lot of attention to comfort and space. The cabin has become roomier taking into account the fact that it has also become longer and wider in comparison with the previous model. This fact will be a nice surprise for passengers. New model has become lighter and performs a better driving due to new well-calibrated suspension. In other words this is a descent representative of luxury auto class.


Summing up we can say that Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC Sedan is very stylish and safe car which has everything necessary to satisfy drivers’ and passengers’ demands. It is a perfect example of high class and prestige.

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